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About the NSIC

About the NSIC Institute

We promote awareness about the reality and risks of economic warfare and equips leaders to enhance national security, protect the American economy, and improve investor results.

American economic liberty (among the basics of which are a free market and a stable currency) wholly depends on the absence of intervention both foreign and domestic. In light of this truth, our ongoing research reveals the global economic landscape is dynamic; different today than yesterday. Our economy and the principles on which it stands are under attack.

Our enemies are at war with us. They perceive our military as too strong to challenge, so they have developed methodologies to target our economy with direct and threatening implications. Events since 9/11 have demonstrated, without question, our nation’s economy, security, and liberty are all directly linked. Our nation’s future demands a new generation of leaders to uphold them.

Across the nation, through all forms of media and speaking engagements, we continually promote awareness about the reality of economic warfare in all forms, both foreign and domestic. Investors, likewise, are aware something is deeply wrong with the global economic system. Their concerns find a voice through our message and they consistently tell us their portfolios are at risk.

Investment Advisors sense old strategies won’t work as few in the investment community have the expertise, knowledge, or training to address the emerging global risks for investors. Anyone charged with protecting and growing client assets is responsible to learn how to protect against these serious and growing risks.

At the same time, there is an absolute correlation between American economic strength and our ability to defend our nation. National Security Professionals should recognize our enemies’ tactics are targeted against our economy and limitations to respond.

Working together, the national security and investment communities need to be better prepared to address these threats to our economy and investment portfolios. The NSIC is a non-profit entity dedicated to solving this challenge.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University

The NSIC operates under the provision of Oklahoma Wesleyan University and functions within the values of the institution. Oklahoma Wesleyan University is a recognized educational leader in the state of Oklahoma and beyond. OKWU has received national recognition from U.S. News and World Report, Forbes.com, and CBSNews MoneyWatch both for its excellent academic reputation as well as its missional integrity. Click here to learn more about Oklahoma Wesleyan University.