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July 20-23, 2015 | Curriculum | APPLY NOW

The Course:

Monday, July 20Opening Reception, Energy Security – A Critical Component of National Defense
General James Conway opens up the NSIC Institute conference with a focus on our energy security. The Middle East is using oil as a weapon. General Conway provides a look into the vulnerabilities of our current system, and explains how America can be better positioned.

Tuesday, July 21 Welcome To Our War Room
Kevin Freeman provides a critical overview of the various global economic risks we face, and how they are already impacting portfolios. He will also explore the history of economic warfare and uncover active efforts to undermine our financial markets, steal our technology, collapse our currency, and destroy our way of life. While these efforts are increasing and the risks are systemic, little if any attention has been paid to these issues. This session will shine the light on critical areas to defend in this economic war.

The War for the Free World
Frank Gaffney provides an insider’s understanding of the systemic threats we face. He also identifies the key enemies, foreign and domestic threatening America. This session will provide a valuable national security briefing comparable to the best available in the defense industry.

What This Means for Your Clients and Practice
Kevin Freeman presents various national security scenarios and then discusses how they can impact client portfolios. The goal is to “war game” threats and responses, demonstrating valuable capabilities for future risks.

Team Application Breakout
How to build and grow the Founders Class as a means of defending the American way of life.

Settlement System Flaws
Patrick Byrne explains the serious risks of settlement flaws and naked short selling. Most on Wall Street won’t ever mention this lurking evil. By contrast, Patrick sheds light on the practice, explains why it is such a problem, and provides insight on how to respond. He is also a noted expert on Bitcoin and digital currencies, and will provide an understanding of this revolutionary technology.

Session Recap – How Do We Apply What We are Learning?
Investors are worried but their fears have been largely ignored. NSIC Institute offers a framework from which to not only discuss these concerns, but to proactively develop responses to them.

Private Tour of Congress
Serving his sixth term in the United States House of Representatives, Congressman Louie Gohmert represents the First District of Texas. Congressman Gohmert is the Chairman of the Natural Resources Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations and the Vice Chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security. Congressman Gohmert’s Capitol tours are oft remembered as the highlight of any trip to DC.

Debrief for Those With Energy
After returning to the hotel, any attendee with extra energy is invited to meet and discuss the day.

Wednesday, July 22 Risks to the Global, Monetary, and Financial System
Kevin Freeman provides a more in-depth look inside the concerted efforts of our enemies to take down the dollar as reserve currency, and undermine our economy. Global debt issues in Europe and Asia, as well as our $18.3 trillion national debt and dependence on foreign investors sets the stage for severe economic difficulty.

Combat Decision Making or Decision Making for Combatants
Chris Graham discusses the consequential choices in an unclear environment. Not everyone realizes what their own placeholders are, and when you add in an adversary that values and practices deception at micro and macro levels, a lot can go wrong. Chris’ first-hand experience combating multiple global threats provides a unique perspective and applications for defense of client portfolios.

What This Means for Your Clients and Your Practice
How do we best address the systemic problems we face.

Team Application Breakout
How to build and grow the Founders Class as a means of defending the American way of life.

Exploring New Investment Frontiers
Rod Martin shares his experiences working with some of America’s top entrepreneurs and executives, having been a member of the pre-IPO startup team at PayPal. He provides a rare glimpse into the evaluation of non-public investment ideas ranging from concept to pre-IPO, and will give his “Betting on Future Billionaires” speech.

NSIC Hot Box – Leveraging Private Equity and Alternative Investments
In the vein of NBC’s Shark Tank, Dr. Martin will review and consider various current investment opportunities. This is a learn by example opportunity, and we not recommend or endorse (nor are we offering to buy or sell) any idea discussed.

Private Tour of the Spy Museum
Fred Fleitz and Clare Lopez will bring a unique perspective to our tour of the International Spy Museum. They have a deep and relevant knowledge of the world of espionage having both worked in CIA during their impressive careers.

After Hours Recap for the Daring
Still have energy? After the Spy Museum tour anyone interested can gather at the hotel for continued mind-blowing interchange.

Thursday, July 23 Understanding Cyber Threats
As current head of Critical Infrastructure Protection/Industrial Control System Security at Intel, Seán McGurk provides a practical review of cyber threats and how to enhance the security of the hyper-connected world. As the threat landscape develops so must the capabilities of solution providers in order to counter the malicious activity. Sean discusses how the critical infrastructure and key resource sectors confront cyber-attacks while maintaining a resilient operating environment.

Developing a Cybersecurity Framework for Your Practice
Kevin Freeman and Andrew Carroll discuss how to develop and implement a cybersecurity framework for your practice. With the SEC and FINRA cracking down on broker-dealers and investment advisory firms, this should be a critical focus.

Getting Ahead on the Cyber Curve to Acquire and Protect Clients
By having a robust cyber understanding and emphasis, your firm can be well positioned to attract worried clients. This practical session deepens the understanding of this opportunity.

Biblical Response to Fears of a Financial Apocalypse
Kevin Freeman uncovers biblical implications of the current state of our nation. People are fearful. We need to address these fears with time-tested faith. This practical session provides a framework to integrate your faith and business in a new and exciting way.

So Where Do We Go From Here? – Developing the NSIC Institute
In light of this week’s incredible flood of information and insight into economic warfare and financial terrorism, the NSIC Team advances the vision with practical application.

The Role of Truth
Dr. Everett Piper wrap ups our conference with fundamental truth and how it can be applied both in our lives and careers. Dr. Piper explains the philosophical and spiritual things impacting culture and why we must address them.

Dinner at Mt. Vernon – The Systemic Intersection of Economics and National Security
Governor Frank Keating will candidly share an insider’s perspective from the top of the financial system. He genuinely recognizes the threats to our banking system, financial markets, economy, and way of life. This will be a rare opportunity to ask critical questions of a true leader.

Private Tour of Mt. Vernon                                               
This amazing experience will include a private tour of the mansion with a behind the scenes visit to the third floor, not generally open to tourists.

CFP Advisors:  This course has been approved by the CFP board for 20 CE credit hours



Mike Carter at mcarter@nsic.org; Phone 214-385-3744

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