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The curriculum for the NSIC “founders” class was designed for experienced financial planners with significant success managing a large book of business.  It included instructional, interactive, and participatory leadership as the standards/ethics for the NSIC designation are formalized.  Participants worked with industry thought leaders and subject matter experts in capital markets, national security, and banking to debate tactics and formulate investment strategies under multiple economic scenarios. The NSIC founding class allowed participants to:

  • Understand how financial warfare is one of the biggest threats to U.S. national security and your client’s portfolio.
  • Discover practical strategies to enhance national security and why financial advisors are the key to mobilizing private sector solutions to maintain U.S. economic liberty.
  • Join the “war room” with senior military/business/capital leaders to recognize the threat map vulnerabilities and solutions in our systems and responses.
  • Identify investor concerns in potentially disruptive markets and offer proactive alternatives to the “buy gold” commercials.
  • Defend American Values from an investor's perspective (Judeo Christian, Capitalism, Free Enterprise, Constitutional Liberty)

The NSIC "founders" class focused on actionable strategies addressing the following:

  • How do standard financial principles change during times of economic uncertainty/financial warfare?
  • Given the cyber threats to the system, investors, and now financial advisors; how do you best manage your business to protect clients from these threats?
  • How to manage money in an uncertain world, building balanced portfolios and the role of diversification
  • How to give hope and show opportunity ahead with a national security platform?
  • How to leverage private equity opportunities and stocks without the market?
  • Given all this information, how do you market your business to drive awareness and change?

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NSIC Faculty (Full Faculty)

Kevin Freeman
Kevin D. Freeman, NSIC, CFA

Founder and Chairman, NSIC

General Boykin
Lt. General Jerry Boykin (ret)

Former United States Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Delta Force Commander.

Frank Gaffney, Jr.
Frank Gaffney, Jr.

President Center for Security Policy

Ken Abramowitz
Ken Abramowitz

Managing General Partner of NGN Capital

Clare Lopez
Clare M. Lopez

Vice President for Research and Analysis, Center for Security Policy

Dr.  Piper
Dr. Everett Piper

Oklahoma Wesleyan University, President