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NSIC Institute Founders Class by Chris Graham

When Kevin Freeman, author of the best-selling books Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the U.S. Stock Market and Why it Can Happen Again and Game Plan, asked me if I would be interested in speaking at the National Security Investment Consultant Institute founders class conference, I was honored. Knowing both how important and widely misunderstood the topics he has written about are, I was motivated to move my schedule around however was necessary to participate. When he asked me when I could attend, I asked him if he objected to my attending the entire conference. I expected this would be a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight that few people have access to.

The conference began with an introduction from former governor and current president of the American Bankers Association, Frank Keating. Dr. Everett Piper provided an introduction to OKWU and Kevin Freeman discussed his 2009 DOD report on economic warfare that inspired his two books and his blog: www.globaleconomicwarfare. com. Freeman is one of very few prominent figures capable of accurately discussing the precarious position the United States is in. Elements of these economic warfare threats were manifest in the 2008 financial collapse. This collapse has since been demonstrated to have involved elements of deliberate orchestration. Freeman discussed the 6 May 2010 “Flash Crash,” a 13 May 2014 “de-dollarization” meeting of adversarial nations planning for a world with a destroyed dollar and several other fascinating publicly known, if widely ignored, episodes of adversaries planning and acting against the United States with economic warfare, influence operations and other components of modern warfare. Freeman screened a video on Unrestricted Warfare, the Chinese strategy for obliquely defeating the USA apparently being practiced by multiple national adversaries that he had been involved in creating for the popular cable news program “For The Record.”

Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, spoke on the subject of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) threats to the U.S. power grid and chronicled unclassified assessments of several adversaries EMP capabilities and programs. He encouraged individuals to join the “Secure the Grid Coalition” at securethegrid.com.

Dr. Tom Barrett spoke on the history of money. He explained that money originated as a convenience in lieu of bartering. It evolved into currency backed by something of value (such as gold) and eventually deteriorated into modern currency backed by nothing and printed at-will. He discussed ways to invest in gold.

Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne and Mark Mitchell spoke on the subject of financial corruption. They discussed regulatory capture, hedge fund insider trading schemes, settlement system failures, systemic risk, and the economic warfare conducted by organized crime groups and foreign governments.

While my description may sound dry, the presentation was fascinating and very specific. You can see some of their insights at www.DeepCapture.com. Brian Pardo, CEO of Life Partners, Inc., discussed his experiences facing a financial attack. He provided an interesting first-hand narrative of the actions he encountered as outside entities attempted to destroy his company. Clare Lopez, a retired CIA operations officer and the Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy, provided multiple blocks of instruction. She gave specific insight to current regional conflicts and the current status of initiatives from a range of adversarial nations and groups. She spoke decisively and unapologetically on the subject of Islamic supremacist group’s direct action and influence operations. Her lectures were insightful and detailed.

Joe Schmitz, former Inspector General of the DOD, spoke on the subjects of Constitutionality, “Moral Relativism” and human trafficking. He introduced his clever initiative to provide cyber security training in each state, named I-State USA.

Dr. John Lenczowski, former advisor to President Reagan and President of the Institute of World Politics, held the group’s close attention with a lecture on current international challenges. He focused particularly on Russia and the People’s Republic of China. His presentation effortlessly cut through superficial trappings to the significant elements of the dilemmas American leaders currently face.

I spoke briefly on the general subject of “Deception in Warfare.” The premise being that deception is universally practiced as a component of warfare. Variation only exists in the volume and competence of deceptive activities. Most importantly, anyone who sees themselves as being at war with you sees themselves as justified to deceive you. I provided examples and encouraged individuals to be cautious when adversaries even speak to their constituents using euphemisms of war.

Travis Farral, a well-known information security specialist, spoke on the subject of personal cyber security. Kelly Gaeth, the Vice President of Commercial Portfolio Risk Management and Credit Analytics for the largest privately held bank holding company in America, lectured on the topic of contingency planning. A common topic, his presentation was interesting where others sometimes fall short. His discussion of the common “incredulity response” of individuals in critical circumstances who fail to take appropriate action was particularly valuable. Ken Abramowitz, founder of www.SaveTheWest.com, spoke on the threats to Western civilization. He provided unclouded analysis with incisive, uncomplicated conclusions.

Rod Martin, CEO of The Martin Organization and a founder of www. PayPal.com, spoke on the future of technology and commerce. While the conference’s focus on the threats to our country and challenges in our defensive measures was a sober topic, Martin’s presentation was optimistic and gave reason to be encouraged.

Retired LtGen. William Boykin, a plank owner and former commander of the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, talked to the group over dinner. He delivered a humorous and encouraging speech. He warned of the threats we face, requested God’s blessing, and introduced the co-author of his novel, The Coalition, Kamal Saleem. LtGen. Boykin and his co-author, former jihadist Saleem, took questions and gave direct answers.

I found the three-and-a-half day event to be highly useful and informative. I commented to another present that I could not remember the last time I spent that much time on one activity feeling as though not a moment was wasted. As a former military officer, intelligence officer, and government consultant, I am used to being in rooms where there is a general awareness of the challenges facing our country but where aggressive self-censorship is universally practiced to appease the prevailing leadership whims of our time. I found being in a room full of people openly discussing the threats our country faces without concern for being politically correct to be disorientingly unfamiliar. I left with the same level of concern for the challenges our nation faces that I arrived with. However, I left encouraged that there are key people in the financial world viewing these challenges clearly. I believe that every American must choose between being a part of the solution or part of the problem. Upholding our oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”, is how you and I can be part of the solution. Visiting www.NSIC.org is how elite financial specialists can learn how they can choose to be part of the solution and better serve their clients.


Mr. Graham is the former commander of a military anti-terrorism unit, the editor of The Counter Terrorist magazine and author of the highly acclaimed new novel, Election: Dezinformatsiya and The Great Game (www.chrisgrahamauthor.com).


  • "What Kevin is doing with the NSIC is important for our national security."
    Lt. General Jerry Boykin (ret)