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NISC Objectives

Objectives of the NSIC

Objective #1 - Research and Promote Awareness

We continually research and promote awareness about the reality and risks of economic warfare, both foreign and domestic. Our audiences are the public at large, investment advisors, business and economic leaders, and public policy leaders. To each we communicate a common message and educate, among each we create a shared link, and from each we stimulate a prudent response.

The Public at Large

Though the purpose of the NSIC is not to promote Mr. Freeman, a remarkable foundation has been laid so others can communicate a similar message. Nonetheless, as one of the nation’s leading experts on economic warfare, requests for Mr. Freeman to speak, write articles or give interviews on the topic remain strong. As such, the crucial ingredients of a successful, ongoing campaign to promote awareness about economic warfare to the public at large have already been established and he will continue to serve the NSIC in that capacity. Further, part of the budget will be used to support ongoing research on economic warfare and national security.

To date the Mr. Freeman has completed hundreds of radio and television interviews and speaking engagements on the subject of economic warfare and national security. Freeman has spoken on the topic broadly to local groups as well as groups with an audience of thousands, at renowned universities such as The Naval Post Graduate Institute, The Naval War College, Georgetown, The University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, and at various prestigious symposiums nationwide. Freeman has also written numerous articles for various publications.

Media Campaign - This effort has demonstrated that the message of economic warfare is a topic of interest to all forms of the media community (television, radio, and print, as well as the social media outlets). We plan to use a portion of The Institute’s budget to capitalize on this media value to a great degree. To this end we intend to create and maintain an effective, cost-efficient media campaign. This campaign will include media messaging, an operational media “footprint” flexible enough to be tailored to the needs of local, regional and national media outlets, and the incorporation of all forms of mass media including the social media networks.

Multi-City Tour - Part of the budget will also be used to produce and host multiple events around the country, aimed at educating the public at large about the reality and risks of economic warfare. A successful event before a crowd of over 300 persons in a movie theater in Dallas / Ft. Worth has already occurred and the NSIC will use this as the prototype in other select cities throughout the U.S.

The campaign will fortify the message of economic warfare not only to the public at large (specifically those individuals who perceive their financial assets and country may be in jeopardy) but it will resonate loudly and clearly with several large and influential segments of America’s business community, including CEOs, high net worth individuals, and advisors seeking to differentiate themselves in a competitive market to manage financial assets.

Business and Economic Leaders

Over the past five years Kevin Freeman has developed relationships with various business leaders, high net-worth individuals and those in positions to influence decision makers in key legislative, regulatory and economic positions about economic warfare.

In order to increase The Institute’s profile with this powerful group of individuals, we plan to educate them on the realities and threats of economic warfare and actions they need to take. Part of the budget will be used to produce and host multiple events around the country, aimed at educating additional high net-worth individuals and CEOs about the realities of economic warfare and our mission. The objective at these meetings or events will be to educate first, then to identify and begin dialogue with persons interested in supporting the mission.

In addition to Mr. Freeman’s addressing the audiences about The Institute’s research, progress and findings, other potential speakers would include the host for that city (especially if he or she is a high profile individual well-respected by the attendees), and other experts on economic warfare such as Gen. William G. Boykin, NY Times bestselling author Brad Thor, Dr. John Lenczowski, and Frank Gaffney, Jr. to name a few.

Public Policy Leaders

A number of key government leaders in critical positions have been briefed on the subject of economic warfare. As a result we have support in principle from members of both the U.S. House and Senate, present and past leaders in the CIA, DIA, FBI, SEC, Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and Justice Department, as well as local and state law enforcement.

The media campaign will continue to keep the subject of economic warfare on the forefront of these person’s minds. However, although we have a reasonable number of public policy leaders who support The Institute’s mission, we need more to reach critical mass, so a presence in Washington is critical to this endeavor. Therefore, part of NSIC’s budget will help support Mr. Freeman and others as necessary to travel to Washington to brief our nation’s government leaders.

The NSIC will also engage a public policy relations’ liaison. We have identified legislators and key groups in Washington who have acknowledged the risks of economic warfare. Dozens of meetings with key individuals have resulted from these contacts. The House Armed Services Committee in the National Defense Authorization Act, NDAA and the Financial Services Committee included language in their bills requiring that at least some attention be paid to these risks.

Working with key public policy groups, the NSIC will continue to identify specific members of the House and Senate and their respective committees, as well as agencies and bureaucracies that are responsible for, and have oversight and jurisdiction over, the financial institutions and agencies tasked with safeguarding the economy of the United States. We will work to educate these groups to the threat faced.

Objective #2 - Equip Investment Advisors

We equip investment advisors with knowledge and specialized research on the reality and risks of global economic warfare.

The NSIC Institute is not just offering a simple seminar. We bring together the best and brightest from both the advisor and national security communities in cross-disciplinary training to foster ongoing research and dialogue.

Our goal is to train, test and credential over 2,000 investment professionals over the next four years on economic warfare and how to manage investments accordingly. Upon successful completion they will be granted the designation of National Security Investment Consultant (NSIC). They will in turn be financially motivated to use this credential to attract and educate clients at their own expense. But more importantly, along the way to that end, they will be motivated to join in our mission to educate the public and raise the level of awareness necessary to stimulate a prudent response.

The geopolitical and economic landscape is different today, will continue to change. Millions of Americans are either already or are becoming aware that economic warfare is real, and they are already beginning to question their financial advisors on how best to protect their financial assets. They seek out and engage with those that offer viable solutions designed to help their clients strategically adjust to various market conditions, recognize and incorporate proven non-correlated asset classes in a client’s portfolio, and understand how to invest strategically in domestic companies or asset classes that can alter the tide of economic warfare in our favor. By leveraging our experience, the NSIC can meet the needs of multitudes of investment advisors looking to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace and raise public awareness at the grass roots level at the same time.

Each NSIC advisor would receive training from and interact with National Security Professionals such as Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, former Director of Central Intelligence James Woolsey, and other prominent men and women in the national security field as examples of experts we would seek to include. This interaction would create opportunities for photo ops and other means by which they could market their credential to attract clients.

Advisor education will also include a “Media Training Section” specifically designed to teach attendees how to formulate effective media messaging and “spread the word” by reaching out to local, regional and national media outlets including bookings as guests on programmed media and/or features in print or online media at minimal or no cost. Approved turnkey seminars for advisors, and access to a speaker’s bureau will be available to help market and promote the NSIC credential as well.

Objective #3 – Connect Investors with NSIC Credentialed Advisors

We connect Investors with NSIC credentialed advisors. Only NSIC credentialed advisors qualify to provide investors with real answers on how to formulate a sensible response, prepare for multiple scenarios, and uncover opportunities to invest in America’s future. Credentialed advisors increase their assets under management (AUM) as they are better prepared to protect and grow client investments, the American economy and its future.

Our last objective requires no further detail as it is simple and speaks well enough for itself.